Nagura Hiroo

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Nagura Hiroo
Born1945 (age 72–73)
Aichi Prefecture, Japan
EducationAichi University of Education
Known forJapanese style painter
WebsiteOfficial website [[1]]

Nagura Hiroo(名倉弘雄/, なぐら ひろお、b. 1945), is a Japanese style painter from Aichi, Japan. He is a chief priest of the Seizan-Fukakusa school of the Jodo sect and the 27rd chief priest of the Futaiin in Aichi. His work is mainly about Noh farce.

Early life[edit]

He was born in Nishio city, Aichi, Japan. Hiroo entered Aichi University of Education as an Art major and graduated in 1968. He studied in European countries in 1973. He held several personal exhibition after he came back to Japan, and he exhibited at the 32rd Nipputen[1] of Western painting in 1985. Taking this opportunity, he changed from Western painting to Japanese style painting. He was recommended as a councilor in many exhibitions. His works appeared on Art Maison International Volume 21.


  • 1989 Received the 36th Nipputen of encouragement award.
  • 2005 Received the Chunichi award of the Soujitsu exhibition(The Chunichi Shinbun).
  • 2006 Received the13rd Soujitsu encouragement award.
  • 2013 Received the 60th Nipputen of encouragement award.  
  • 2014 Received the 61rd Nipputen of effort award]]
  • 2015 Received Rose de Monaco award in Monaco.
  • 2015 Received the 62rd Nipputen of effort award.
  • 2015 Received the HIgashikuni-no-miya cultural award.
  • 2016 Became the member of A.M.S.C. Spanish art.
  • 2017 Exhibited the 11th Monaco and Japan art festival (Received Art and design cultural prize).
  • 2018 Exhibited the 65th Anniversary Nippu exhibition (Received Nipputen prize).
  • 2018 Art Renaissance Grand Prix (500 years after death of Leonardo da Vinci - Commemoration of the Renaissance 500th anniversary festival) Award.