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Poleg Delta

Nahal Poleg is a stream in the Sharon plain in Israel that empties into the Mediterranean Sea between Netanya and the Wingate Institute.


The stream starts between Tira and Ramat HaKovesh, east of Mishmeret. It runs west to the sea, veering north at Batzra. It is mostly intermittent, and becomes a Perennial stream towards its end. There is a man-made opening in the Kurkar ridge that runs south-north along the coastal plain.


The nearby Tel Poleg archaeological site, was excavated, revealing a fortified city of the Middle Bronze Age. The site has mostly been destroyed by a modern quarry. The original opening in the kurkar ridge was made in the Bronze Age, and reopened during the Roman period.[1] By the thirteenth century CE, the opening was clogged, resulting in a 4000-dunam marsh. The opening was cleared again in 1935, and the stream's current course was set in the area east of the kurkar ridge.[2]

Nature Reserve[edit]

The Nahal Poleg nature reserve is situated between the Wingate Institute and Ramat Poleg, between Highway 2 and the Mediterranean.[3] It covers 500 dunams, and was declared a reserve in 1971.[4]

Flora in the reserve includes a coastal variety of Boxthorn, Ephedra aphylla, Calicotome villosa, the endemic Rumex rothschildianus, Iris atropurpurea, Lupin, and Tulipa agenensis sharonensis.


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