Nahiku, Hawaii

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Church is a main building in Nahiku

Nahiku is a small unincorporated community in eastern Maui, Hawaii. Nahiku is located along the Hana Road on the way to Hana at 20°49′28″N 156°5′29″W / 20.82444°N 156.09139°W / 20.82444; -156.09139Coordinates: 20°49′28″N 156°5′29″W / 20.82444°N 156.09139°W / 20.82444; -156.09139. Village has two parts: Upper Nahiku closer to the road and Lower Nahiku near the ocean shore.

Nahiku is usually reached by Nahiku Road coming down from the Hana Road to Opuhano Point on Honolulunui Bay.

The wooden bridge to the Nahiku ocean shore within the last half mile of the road was closed to motor vehicles in 2014.[1]

Some Nahiku residents have been upset at tourist traffic after the area started appearing in Maui, Hawaii tourism guide books and web sites.[2]