Nahr Umr Field

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Nahr Umr Field
Nahr Umr Field is located in Iraq
Nahr Umr Field
Location of Nahr Umr Field
Country Iraq
Offshore/onshore onshore
Coordinates 30°52′17″N 47°39′02″E / 30.87139°N 47.65056°E / 30.87139; 47.65056Coordinates: 30°52′17″N 47°39′02″E / 30.87139°N 47.65056°E / 30.87139; 47.65056
Operators Iraq Ministry of Oil
Field history
Discovery 1948
Estimated oil in place 6,600 million barrels (~9.0×10^8 t)

Nahr Umr Field is an oil field, located north of Basrah, Iraq. Nahr Umr Field is proven to hold 6.6 billion barrels of recoverable reserve. The oil field was discovered in 1948 by the Basrah Petroleum Company, an associate of the Iraq Petroleum Company.[1]

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