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Naidu LLB is a Telugu Movie starring Aakash, Ashima Bhalla, Ali and Sukanya. The film was released in 2005.

Made under the banner of Aswinidas Prakash Cine Arts, the film is produced by Mariyadasan and Directed by Nambi with Music by S.A. Rajkumar. Aditya Music has acquired the music rights of the film.


Akash and Ashima leave for Goa to argue a case in the local court there. By the time they return to Hyderabad, a case of homicide is filed against the hero. From then on the story turns into a kind of a gripping thriller on how the hero gets out of the situation and helps book the culprits.




1."Nadumu Pattu"Anuradha Sriram 
2."Stawberry Venela"S. A. Rajkumar 
3."Nuvve Nuvve"Harini, Srinivas 
4."Donga Donga"Mahathi, Vidya 
5."Aakasam Uyalekki"Karthik, Mathangi 

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