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Type of site
Pidgin English Dictionary
Available in English
Owner Obilo Nwokogba and Adimabua Ofunne
Revenue ?
Slogan(s) Dictionary for all your Nigerian pidgin/broken English needs
Alexa rank 1,613,109 (April 2014)[1]
Registration optional
Launched July 2007
Current status active is an online Nigerian pidgin English and slang dictionary. Naijalingo provides definitions to Nigerian words and phrases and its contents are written by its users and moderated by the site's administrators, which also includes some of its top users. The powers of users vary due to the amount of words they have added to the site or their level of participation on the site.


Naijalingo was created by Adimabua Ofunne and Obilo Nwokogba in July 2007 while they were undergraduates at the Rochester Institute of Technology and Cornell University respectively.

To launch the dictionary, they seeded it by using words from Babawily's pidgin English dictionary

As of February 2011 the dictionary contains over 1070 unique Nigerian words and definitions

Profile pages[edit]

On the 28th of September 2008, the Naija lingo team launched profile pages for the lexibutors on the site. The pages contain general information about the lexibutors such as their name, number of words they have added and the date they joined. The profile page of the lexibutor also lists all the words a lexibutor has added to the dictionary since the website had been started.

Lexibutor ranking[edit]

Members of Naijalingo are called lexibutors (Lexicon Contributors) and there are four lexibutor rankings.

JJC (Johnny Just Come)
The lowest ranking which is attributed to users that have added between 0-15 words

The second level in the ranking which is attributed to users that have added between 16-35 words

The third level in the ranking,which enables the user the ability to flag words for the administrators to moderate. This rank is attributed to users that have added 36 - 65 words

This is last and highest rank. At this rank you the user has the power to delete spam or words that seem incorrect that they find on the site based on their discretion. This rank is attributed to users that have added greater than 65 words.

Operation and quality control[edit]

Only registered users have the ability to add words on Naijalingo. While adding a word each step is explained to enable each lexibutor add words in a standard manner on the site. The new words added on Naijalingo are monitored daily and can be deleted completely if found to be inaccurate or non relevant to the site or the word a definition is associated to.


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