Naik Maratha

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Naik Maratha
Regions with significant populations

Primary populations in: Goa, Sindhudurg, Uttar Kannada

Populations in: United Kingdom, United States, Canada
Konkani, Marathi, Malvani
Related ethnic groups
Konkani people, Maratha

Naik Maratha is a Malvani Konkani-speaking community found in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra and neighboring Pernem.


Goa and neighboring Sindhudurg and Uttar Kannada had a system of temple-artists (which are Originally Maratha's).

Portuguese colonial rulers called them "balladares" (singers). Whereas in Sindhudurg British and Dutch called them Devalis (Devali means who comes from temple.) Later, with the religious intolerance of the Portuguese rulers, the temples shifted and lost their glory.[citation needed]

Most of Naik Maratha families from Sindhudurg fled to the neighboring Bombay province. Those who went Mumbai they began organizing themselves. In 1910 Gomantak Maratha Samaj was formed in Goa. At the same time Naik Maratha Samaj of Sindhudurg district who went to Mumbai began organizing. On 16 October 1926, on special occasion of Vijaya Dashami Guruvari Krishnarao Arjun Keluskar formed the Naik Maratha Mandal for all Naik Maratha from Sindhudurg and Mumbai. This mandal is registered with the Religious Department of the Government of Maharashtra.[citation needed]

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