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Rajput Clan: Naipal
Vansh Chandravanshi
Descended from: Bhatti
Branches: None
Ruled in Punjab
Princely states: None
Surnames: Rana or Khan

The Naipal are a Rajput tribe, found in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

History and origin[edit]

The tribe gets its name from Naipal, son of Bhuni, a Bhatti Rajput. They were initially found in Firozpur District of Punjab, India, and said to have earlier come from Sirsa. The Naipal at one time occupied the entire Sutlej valley, north of Firuzpur town, they also occupying the Makhu illaqa, in present Firozpur District. It is said to have been named Makkah by a Muslim holyman, by the name Mohammed, but was corrupted into Makhu.

Like other Muslim groups in East Punjab, they migrated to Pakistan after the partition of India. They are now found mainly in Faisalabad and Okara districts.

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