Nairamdal Peak

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Nairamdal Peak
Nairamdal Peak is located in Mongolia
Nairamdal Peak
Nairamdal Peak
Location of Nairamdal Peak in Mongolia
Highest point
Elevation4,082 m (13,392 ft) [1]
Parent peakKhüiten Peak
Coordinates49°10′3″N 87°48′44″E / 49.16750°N 87.81222°E / 49.16750; 87.81222Coordinates: 49°10′3″N 87°48′44″E / 49.16750°N 87.81222°E / 49.16750; 87.81222[2]
Parent rangeTavan Bogd
Mongol-Altai Mountains

Nairamdal Peak or Friendship Peak (Mongolian: Найрамдал оргил, Nairamdal Peak; Chinese: 奎屯峰, Kuytun Feng) is the one of five peaks of the Tavan Bogd mountain and it marks the border tripoint between Russia, Mongolia, and China.[citation needed] The Peak towers at the elevation of 4,082 m ( 13,392 ft).

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