The Nairobi Hospital

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The Nairobi Hospital
Nairobi Hospital Logo.png
Location Upper Hill, Nairobi, Kenya
Care system NHIF
Hospital type General Medical Services
Affiliated university Private
Emergency department Yes
Beds 355+ (2016)
750 (Planned)[1]
Founded 9 April 1954
Website Homepage
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The Nairobi Hospital is a private hospital in Nairobi, Kenya.


It is located on Argwings Kodhek Road, in the neighborhood of Upper Hill, in Kenya's capital city of Nairobi.[2] The hospital is located approximately 4.5 kilometres (3 mi) west of Kenyatta International Conference Centre.[3] The coordinates of the hospital are 01°17'46.0"S, 36°48'17.0"E (Latitude:-1.296115; Longitude:36.804718).[4]


The institution was officially opened on 9 April 1954, as an exclusively European Hospital, in Kenya, which was the a colony of the United Kingdom. On 19 October 1961, it began serving non-Europeans and the name was changed to The Nairobi Hospital.[5]


In August 2016, Kenyan print media reported that the hospital planned expanding its physical infrastructure, its staffing levels and its bed capacity. The planned expansion, budgeted at KSh5.7 billion (approx. US$57.2 million), includes the following:[1]

  1. Increase bed capacity from 355 to 750
  2. Building of a 14-storey hospital skyscraper, to house inpatient and outpatient departments, a diagnostic centre, operating rooms, an intensive care unit, a specialist kidney department, and a specialised kidney and bladder surgery unit.
  3. Construction of a six-story parking lot, 1,021 parking bays
  4. Establishment of a water purification plant, capable of processing 45 cubic metres (1,589 cu ft) per hour
  5. Construction of a nine-storey office block with specialised medical services
  6. Erection of an eight-storey doctors’ plaza
  7. Building of a 14-storey centre of excellence
  8. Construction of an eight-storey university education block.

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Coordinates: 01°17′46″S 36°48′17″E / 1.29611°S 36.80472°E / -1.29611; 36.80472