Naismith College Coach of the Year

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Naismith College Coach of the Year
Awarded for the most outstanding men's and women's basketball head coaches in the United States
Presented by Atlanta Tipoff Club
First awarded 1987
Currently held by John Calipari, Kentucky (men)
Courtney Banghart, Princeton (women)

Naismith College Coach of the Year Award is an award given by the Atlanta Tipoff Club to one men's and one women's NCAA Division I collegiate coach each season since 1987. The award was originally given to the two winning coaches of the NCAA Division I basketball tournament for the first two years of its existence; in 1989, the Naismith Award's governing board decided to give it out via voting process.


* Denotes coaches inducted to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
Coach (#) Denotes the number of times the coach has won the award at that point


Pat Summitt of Tennessee holds more awards (5) than any other female coach.
Geno Auriemma of Connecticut has won the award a record six times.
Year Men's Coach College Women's Coach College
1986–87 Knight, BobBob Knight* Indiana Summitt, PatPat Summitt* Tennessee
1987–88 Brown, LarryLarry Brown* Kansas Barmore, LeonLeon Barmore* Louisiana Tech
1988–89 Krzyzewski, MikeMike Krzyzewski* Duke Summitt, PatPat Summitt* (2) Tennessee
1989–90 Cremins, BobbyBobby Cremins Georgia Tech VanDerveer, TaraTara VanDerveer* Stanford
1990–91 Ayers, RandyRandy Ayers Ohio State Ryan, DebbieDebbie Ryan Virginia
1991–92 Krzyzewski, MikeMike Krzyzewski* (2) Duke Weller, ChrisChris Weller Maryland
1992–93 Smith, DeanDean Smith* North Carolina Stringer, C. VivianC. Vivian Stringer* Iowa
1993–94 Richardson, NolanNolan Richardson* Arkansas Summitt, PatPat Summitt* (3) Tennessee
1994–95 Harrick, JimJim Harrick UCLA Auriemma, GenoGeno Auriemma* Connecticut
1995–96 Calipari, JohnJohn Calipari* Massachusetts Landers, AndyAndy Landers Georgia
1996–97 Williams, RoyRoy Williams* Kansas Auriemma, GenoGeno Auriemma* (2) Connecticut
1997–98 Guthridge, BillBill Guthridge North Carolina Summitt, PatPat Summitt* (4) Tennessee
1998–99 Krzyzewski, MikeMike Krzyzewski* (3) Duke Peck, CarolynCarolyn Peck Purdue
1999–2000 Montgomery, MikeMike Montgomery Stanford Auriemma, GenoGeno Auriemma* (3) Connecticut
2000–01 Barnes, RodRod Barnes Mississippi McGraw, MuffetMuffet McGraw Notre Dame
2001–02 Howland, BenBen Howland Pittsburgh Auriemma, GenoGeno Auriemma* (4) Connecticut
2002–03 Smith, TubbyTubby Smith Kentucky Goestenkors, GailGail Goestenkors Duke
2003–04 Martelli, PhilPhil Martelli Saint Joseph's Summitt, PatPat Summitt* (5) Tennessee
2004–05 Weber, BruceBruce Weber Illinois Chatman, PokeyPokey Chatman LSU
2005–06 Wright, JayJay Wright Villanova Hatchell, SylviaSylvia Hatchell* North Carolina
2006–07 Bennett, TonyTony Bennett Washington State Goestenkors, GailGail Goestenkors (2) Duke
2007–08 Calipari, JohnJohn Calipari* (2) Memphis Auriemma, GenoGeno Auriemma* (5) Connecticut
2008–09 Dixon, JamieJamie Dixon Pittsburgh Auriemma, GenoGeno Auriemma* (6) Connecticut
2009–10 Boeheim, JimJim Boeheim* Syracuse Yori, ConnieConnie Yori Nebraska
2010–11 Fisher, SteveSteve Fisher San Diego State VanDerveer, TaraTara VanDerveer* (2) Stanford
2011–12 Self, BillBill Self Kansas Mulkey, KimKim Mulkey Baylor
2012–13 Larrañaga, JimJim Larrañaga Miami (FL) McGraw, MuffetMuffet McGraw (2) Notre Dame
2013–14 Marshall, GreggGregg Marshall Wichita State McGraw, MuffetMuffet McGraw (3) Notre Dame
2014–15 Calipari, JohnJohn Calipari* (3) Kentucky Banghart, CourtneyCourtney Banghart Princeton

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