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Naitō, Naito or Naitou (written: 内藤) is a Japanese name, also transliterated as Naitoh or Nightow. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Arimasa Naitoh (内藤 在正), vice president of Lenovo's PC and Smart Devices business unit, known as the "Father of ThinkPad"
  • Bill Naito (内藤 住郎, 1925–1996), American businessman, civic leader and philanthropist
  • Daisuke Naito (内藤 大助, born 1974), Japanese professional boxer
  • Kanako Naito (内藤 香菜子, 1980–2019), Japanese female volleyball player
  • Kunio Naitō (内藤 國雄, born 1939), Japanese professional shogi player
  • Naitō Genzaemon (内藤 源左衛門), Japanese samurai
  • Naitō Ienaga (内藤 家長, 1546–1600), Japanese samurai
  • Naitō Joan (内藤 如安, died 1626), Japanese samurai
  • Naitō Kiyokazu (内藤 清枚, 1645–1714), Japanese daimyo
  • Naitō Kiyonaga (内藤 清長, 1501–1564), Japanese samurai
  • Masato Naito (内藤 真人, born 1980), Japanese hurler
  • Masatoshi Naitō (内藤 正敏, born 1938), Japanese photographer
  • Naitō Nobuatsu (内藤 信敦, 1777–1825), Japanese daimyo
  • Naitō Nobuchika (内藤 信親, 1813–1874), Japanese daimyo
  • Naitō Nobunari (内藤 信成, 1545–1612), Japanese samurai
  • Ryō Naitō (内藤 玲, born 1974), Japanese voice actor
  • Tachū Naitō (内藤 多仲, 1886–1970), Japanese architect, engineer, and professor
  • Tadayuki Naitoh (内藤 忠行, born 1941), Japanese photographer
  • Tetsuya Naito (内藤 哲也, born 1982), Japanese professional wrestler
  • Naitō Torajirō (内藤 虎次郎, 1866–1934), Japanese historian
  • Naitō Toyomasa (内藤 豊昌, 1773–1856), Japanese sculptor
  • Yasuhiro Nightow (内藤 泰弘, born 1967), Japanese manga artist
  • Yasuo Naito (内藤 靖雄, born 1942), Japanese racewalker
  • Yohei Naito (内藤 洋平, born 1988), Japanese footballer
  • Yuki Naito (内藤 祐希, born 2001), Japanese tennis player