Najam Sheraz

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Najam Sheraz
Birth name Najam Sheraz
Born Multan, Pakistan
Origin Karachi, Pakistan
Genres Spiritual,
Occupation(s) Nasheed singer
Instruments Guitar, Drums
Years active 1994–present
Labels Sadaf, Fire Records Pakistan, FrankFinn India

Najam Sheraz (Urdu: نجم شیراز) is a Pakistani pop singer, songwriter, music producer, composer and peace activist.

Sheraz’s first Urdu nasheed (Spiritual a cappella), "Na Tera Khuda Koi Aur Hae," changed his perspective about life. He consequently dedicated his voice to uniting people for peace and brotherhood.

He has appeared on numerous documentaries and talk shows discussing domestic and international social issues. In the past decade, he has been invited to world peace concerts and conferences, along with renowned singers of peace. For his services to the community on the platform of he was presented two congressional awards in 2006 and 2007 in the USA. His powerful “Hum Bolain Mohabbat Ki Zuban” was used as the ‘’Face of Pakistan’’ on CNN World by the Pakistan government.

Currently he is working on his first English spiritual album and promoting his world peace song “Only Love,” co-written with songwriter Chris Eaton. He also did Ramzan Transmission with his wife Salwa Najam on Neo news channel 2015.


Najam Sheraz was born in Multan, Pakistan on 2 August 1969. He played professional cricket. He formed his first band with his elder brothers Booby and Joji called "Brother Rhythm" in 1987.

His second band came together in 1989. Wet Metal was at that time considered the best live band in the circuit. Performing in almost 1,000 shows all over the country, Najam Sheraz established himself as one of the strongest voices on stage. He has given a mega hit Bheegay Hont Tere(Menu tere Naal) to Bollywood who back then changed the style of music in the Bollywood films in a big way for Mahesh Bhatt's film Murder. Bheegay Hont Tere also put an end to stealing songs from across the border after a long time. Vishesh films signed a contract with Najam Sheraz on his request to make it a legal transaction between the two parties though it was originally used in the movie without his permission. Najam Sheraz is also responsible for introducing Atif Aslam to vishesh films to get him his first break Wo Lamhae Bheegay Hont Tere opened the gate for Pakistani music and singers in the Bollywood films in a major way


Sheraz became the second Pakistani artist after Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan to be included on the soundtrack of an international film.

In February 2000, Sheraz released his first Punjabi album, "Pyar Karannu Dil Karda", which produced hits like "Pyar Karannu Dil Karda", "Rabba", and "Kajla".

In February 2002 he released his fifth album, "Jaisay Chaho Jiyo", which produced the hits "Jaisay Chaho Jiyo", "Ahista Ahista" and "Aao Wahan Chalen".

The Cricket World Cup of 2003 saw the success of 'Jeeto Mere Laal'.

In 2002, the hamd "Yeh Mamla Koi Aur Hai" became a hit.

The album "Yeh Mamla Koi Aur Hai" was released in 2003.

His song "Suno Zara" was composed in 2006 and released in 2007. The song became a chart buster after it was used by a famous Pakistani contraception manufacturing brand in mid-2009.


Early experience:

  • Brother Rhythm – 1987
  • Wet Metal – 1989 performed more than 1000 shows around the country Pyar Ki Piyas 1993 first single on TV
  • Solo Career began in 1994 – to date * In say Nain 1994 no 1
  • Sona Chahta hoon 1995 no 2 was banned from National Radio-Reason given: Lyrics and vocal performance too wild for the youth
  • Hawa Ka sipahi 1995 official Airforce song
  • Yeah Baat 1996 was censored on National TV Reason given: Against Establishment was aired heavily on satellite a few years later

Solo Albums: Album: Khazana – 1996 – Lips Records sold more than one Million copies Singles:

  • Larki 1996 no 1
  • Aajana 1996 no 1
  • Ae Aurat 1997 sound track of a special play for the Airforce Shahpar
  • Karavan The Rock Band Project:
  • Rakh Aas 1997 Pop music was banned on TV Reason given: long hair and jeans give a bad impression of the youth
  • In Fizaon Say Agay 1997 Official Golden jubilee song for the Airforce
  • Signed up with Pepsi Cola International 1999

Album: Roop Nagar – 1999 – Sonic/BMG Singles:

  • Mahia 1999 was censored on National TV Reason given : intense visuals
  • Amar Kahani 1999 World Cup Cricket song with Pepsi Cola was censored Reason given: Performance too wild for National TV
  • Pyar Karannu Dil Karda – 2000 – Lips Records first album in Punjabi language
  • Pal do Pal Ki Chahat – 2000 – BMG Cresendo (India)
  • Mera Ji Naheen Lagae 2000 became the soundtrack of 20th Century Fox's movie "Split Wide Open" along with Air Supply, Garbage, Asha Bhoslay..and a few others
  • Signed up with the No 1 Tea Company Tapal Tea Pvt.LTD.

Album: Jaisay Chaho Jiyo – 2002 – Sadaf Stereo Singles:

  • Jaisay chaho Jiyo 2002 no 1
  • Aao Wahan Chalain 2002 no 1
  • Aahista Aahista 2003
  • Rakh Aas – Karavan – 1997 – VCI Records
  • Mera Jee Nahin Laage – Included on the Soundtrack of 20th Century Fox film “Split Wide Open” –March 2000
  • Title song “Suraj Girhan” for PTV Drama Serial “ Suraj Girhan” – 2000
  • 2 songs included in a UK released compilation album “Love Rocks-The Beginning” released by Gladiator Records- 28 October 2002
  • Jeeto Mere Laal 2002 –World cup cricket song later on dedicated to the Blind Cricket World Cup winners sponsored by Tapal Tea Pvt. Ltd.
  • Yeah mamla Koi Aur Hai 2002 a message of world peace and brotherhood first ever spiritual a cappella Hamd by any popstar in the Muslim world no 1

Album :Yeah Mamla Koi Aur Hai 2003 – Label Event Records/Sadaf – Best seller in Pakistan, UK, US, Canada, South Africa. Album :Najam 2008 – FrankFinn Music India and Fire Records Pakistan – The album features Chris Eaton, Dan Wheeler, Natalia Williams, UK's famous Jazz Singer, Signe Anderson etc. Singles:

  • Yeah Mamla Koi Aur Hai 2002
  • Rahain Bhataknae Walay 2002
  • Kar Liya Soda 2003
  • Gilay shikway 2003 against War and terrorism
  • Shapar 2003 Official song for the Airforce
  • Ae Watan 1997 Tribute to the legendary Classical Maestro " Amanat Ali Khan

National Song “Hamari Pehchaan” – Dedicated to the nation on 14 August 2003 – Sponsored by Tapal Tea Pvt. Ltd.

  • Song “Jaise Tu (Harjaee)” for the soundtrack of GEO TV's Drama Serial “Daira” 2003
  • Shahpar – Air force Day Song – 6 September 2003
  • 9th SAF Games 2004 3 songs for the 9th SAF Games opening and closing ceremonies in Pakistan “Rising Above – Buland Saab Taasubaat Sae” “Peace For All” and “Remember We Will”
  • Janbaz 2004 A tribute to Armed Forces sponsored by the largest tobacco company Lackson Tobacco Pvt.LTD.
  • Composed the song “Bheegay Hont Tere” for the Bollywood Film “Murder” produced by Mahesh Bhatt and Directed by Mukesh Bhatt which won all the film and music awards in 2005
  • Album "Menu Tere Naal 2004 Ten years of Najam Sheraz


  • In Say nain 2004 version featuring 15 of Pakistan's top Musicians and Artists no 1
  • Menu Tere Naal
  • Hamari Pehchan no 1
  • Rabba no 1
  • Peace for all
  • Song "Aa Mere Paas Aa" for the soundtrack of Hum TV's Drama serial Malika 2005
  • National Anthem of Pakistan reproduced for the first time since 1947 launched from the Presidency at 12AM on 14 August the Independence Day of Pakistan on all the TV Networks
  • Yeah Pal 2005 OST for the Bollywood Film Kalyug
  • Tribute song Jan Nisar to the Police Department of Pakistan.
  • Tribute Song Salam dedicated to the Armed Forces for their efforts during the Kashmir Earthquake 2005 also performed for UN and NATO forces in Kashmir.
  • Tribute song Zinda Qaum dedicated to the Nation for their united efforts during the Kashmir earthquake 2005.
  • Aa Mere Piyar Ki Khushbu Ost for the ARY TV's Drama Serial Aa Mere Piyar Ki Khushbu 2005
  • Signed up with the Largest Telecom Company Mobilink/Orascom for their biggest campaign to date to promote National harmony and tolerance also celebrating 20 million customers nationwide
  • Mohabbat Ki Zuban 2006 no 1 wrote, composed and performed the theme song of the campaign. The video of the song is also the largest budgeted video made in Pakistan to date. The song has also become a mobitune for the Telecom's 20 million customers.
  • I love you more than Anything 2006 no 1 Single from the upcoming Album featuring International singing and dancing group Heartbeat and Hisham (Reef)
  • Currently working on the 8th solo Album in UK with Chris Eaton as co-producer featuring the musical talents of Dan Wheeler, Mark Edwards, Miles Bould, Matt Weeks, Collin, Paul Burton (aka Paulie Poppadom) Natalie Williams and Signe Andersen.


  • Pepsi Cola International signed Najam Sheraz up for the year 1999
  • Tapal Tea Pvt. Ltd. signed Najam Sheraz up for the years 2001– 2003
  • Composed, sang and Produced the 50th Anniversary song for Coca Cola International – 2003
  • Mobilink/Orascom signed Najam Sheraz for their biggest campaign to date to promote National harmony and tolerance also celebrating 20 million customers nationwide. Acting Experience: * Long Play “Qurbani”. Played an aspiring music director in search of a break into the film industry. -1998
  • 1 Episode of “Seth And Company” a comedy serial. Played a double role – as self and that of “Jabbar Plumber” – 1999
  • 2-part Comedy Serial “Kirkit”. Played the role of the captain of a street cricket team – 1999
  • 2 Episodes of PTV Comedy Serial “Ahista Ahista”. Played self. Song “Ahista Ahista” from the album “Jaisay Chaho Jiyo” was used as the title song-2002

Comparing Experience:

  • Toshiba Bomba Show – BBCL Productions A musical showcase and game show of 13 episodes in which various Artists were invited to perform and interact with myself– 1999/2000
  • Ramzan on the Streets – GEO TV A 4 episode game show based on the spirit and essence of Ramzan


  • Bahrain – December 1996
  • US/Canada – October/November 1998
  • Kuwait – December 1998
  • India – May 1999
  • India – March 2000
  • Norway – August 2003
  • UAE – Dubai – November 2003
  • UAE – Dubai – March 2004
  • Bahrain – April 2004
  • UAE – Dubai – May 2004
  • US – June 2004
  • US/Canada – August/September 2004
  • India – August 2004
  • UK – December 2004
  • Dubai – Bollywood Music Awards – February 2005
  • UK – Bradford Festival – June 2005
  • UK – July 2005
  • Norway – Oslo Festival – August 2005
  • UK – August 2005
  • US – New York Pakistan Independence Day Parade – August 2005
  • India – September 2005
  • Kashmir – Earthquake Relief and Rehab Program – October 2005
  • UAE – Dubai – December 2005
  • UK – East London – Global Peace and Unity Event 2005 – December 2005
  • Canada – Toronto – Reviving The Islamic Spirit Conference 2005 – December 2005
  • UK – May 2006
  • India – Mumbai – June 2006
  • UK – London – June 2006
  • UK – Manchester August 2006
  • UK – London October 2006
  • UK – East London – Global Peace and Unity Event 2006 – November 2006
  • Manchester – UK – December 2006
  • UK- February 2007
  • UK- July 2007
  • USA-August 2007
  • India Nov 2007
  • UK Nov/Dec. 2007
  • India April/May 2008
  • USA June 2008
  • Thailand June–August 2008
  • UK Oct 2008
  • India Nov.2008
  • Italy Jan.2009
  • Bulgaria Jan 2009
  • UK Feb 2009
  • USA March 2009
  • UK March 2009
  • India July 2009
  • USA July 2009
  • Dubai August2009
  • USA August 2009
  • India Jan–March 2010
  • USA August 2010
  • UK Oct–Dec. 2010
  • India March 2011
  • USA/Canada Jun–Dec. 2011
  • Bangladesh Feb. 2012
  • New Zealand 2013

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