Naji al-Suwaydi

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Naji al-Suwaidi
Naji al-Suwaidi.jpg
6th Prime Minister of Iraq
In office
18 November 1929 – 23 March 1930
Monarch Faisal I
Preceded by Abd al-Muhsin as-Sa'dun
Succeeded by Nuri as-Said
Personal details
Born 1882
Died 1942

Naji al-Suwaydi (Arabic: ناجي السويدي) was an Iraqi politician who served as Prime Minister from November 1929 to March 1930.

Naji al-Suwaydi became prime minister in November 1929, following the suicide of Abd al-Muhsin as-Sa'dun. His short time in the post was marked by street protests agitating for a treaty that would pave the way towards Iraqi independence from the British Mandate of Mesopotamia. That turmoil, combined with attacks from hostile newspapers and undermining from both King Faisal I and Nuri as-Said, led him to resign in March 1930.

Al-Suwaydi presided over the 1937 Bloudan Conference, one of the first pan-Arab conferences held in solidarity with Palestinian Arabs against the Zionist movement.

He was the brother of Tawfiq al-Suwaydi, also a Prime Minister of Iraq.


Political offices
Preceded by
Abd al-Muhsin as-Sa'dun
Prime Minister of Iraq
November 18, 1929— March 23, 1930
Succeeded by
Nuri as-Said