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Najjanankumbi is located in Kampala
Map of Kampala showing the location of Najjanankumbi.
Coordinates: 00°16′30″N 32°34′12″E / 0.27500°N 32.57000°E / 0.27500; 32.57000
Country Uganda
RegionCentral Region
DistrictWakiso District
1,240 m (4,070 ft)
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Najjanankumbi is a location in the town of Ssabagabo, Uganda.


Najjanankumbi is located in the newly created municipality of Ssabagabo in Wakiso District. It is immediately south of the Makindye Division of the city of Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city. It is bordered by Kibuye to the north, Lukuli to the east, Makindye to the southeast, Lubowa to the south, Kabowa to the west, and Ndeeba to the northwest. This location is approximately 5 kilometres (3.1 mi), by road, south of the central business district of Kampala.[1] The coordinates of Najjanankumbi are 0°16'30.0"N 32°34'12.0"E (Latitude:0.2750; Longitude:32.5700).[2]


Najjanankumbi is a residential and business location. Numerous shops, restaurants, bars, and small one to two roomed rental residencies are in Najjanankumbi. The Forum for Democratic Change, the main Ugandan opposition political party, maintains their headquarters at Najjanankumbi.[3]

Points of interest[edit]

Some of the additional points of interest in Najjanankumbi include:

  • Uganda Australia Christian Outreach - A non-governmental organization providing free healthcare to local residents
  • The headquarters of the Uganda Local Governments Association[4]
  • Winston Standard Academy - A private kindergarten and elementary school[5]
  • Kenjoy Supermarket - A marketplace that offers unique gifts and novel products for the customer's convenience at affordable prices.

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Coordinates: 00°16′30″N 32°34′12″E / 0.27500°N 32.57000°E / 0.27500; 32.57000