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Najm (Arabic: نجم‎) (also Negm, IPA: [neɡm] in Egyptian dialect / pronunciation) is an Arabic word meaning star.[1] It is used as a given name in Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia.[2][3] Najm is the male version of the name and Najma (Arabic: نجمة‎) is the female version of the name. Najm/Negm is also a common Arab family name.

It may refer to:


People with similar names[edit]

  • Jimmy Abdou (born 1984), Comoros-French footballer, playing in England
  • Nagem Hatab, Iraqi who died in US custody
  • Najam Sethi (born 1948), Pakistani journalist, editor, and media personality
  • Najem Wali (born 1956), Iraqi-German author
  • Najmul Millat (1863-1938)[1], Indian faqīh (Islamic jurist)
  • Najam Sheraz (born 1969), Pakistani pop singer, song writer, and peace activist
  • Nayim Alal (born 1966), Western Saharan singer, guitarist and writer of lyrics in Spanish
  • Daham Najim Bashir (born 1979[), runner now representing Qatar after switching from Kenya




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