Najwyższy Czas!

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Najwyższy Czas!
Editor Tomasz Sommer
Categories newsmagazine
Frequency Weekly
Year founded 1990
Company Oficyna Konserwatystów i Liberałów
Country Poland
Based in Warsaw
Website Official website
ISSN 0867-0366
OCLC number 45090812

Najwyższy Czas! (Pol. High Time!) is a Polish liberal conservative sociopolitic weekly news magazine, published since March 31, 1990 by Oficyna Konserwatystów i Liberałów, owned by Janusz Korwin-Mikke and connected with the Union of Real Politics. This magazine focuses on promoting liberalism in economy and conservatism in tradition. In many articles Polish government and sometimes foreign governments are being criticized (sometimes even insulted) mostly because of high taxation, economical and social regulations, such governments are called occupants (for example: occupants of Poland, occupants of Germany), parasites. Similarly Greenpeace-like organizations are called eco-socialists or eco-terrorists, which only claims to care about ecology (but really care about money, media attention or introduction of laws which will make more harm than good, even in good intentions).

Beyond current news and comments, there are many articles, on political, economic and social problems. Newspaper contains few permanent columns: "From Redaction", "Letters", "List Of Content", "Progress In Country (Poland)" (ironical page with comments, about "progress", which in eyes of editors is in wrong direction, despite "modern" looks of progress), "Who Reads, Doesn't Wander", "Country (Poland)" section (about 9 articles, analysis, commentary and interviews of varying size of various authors), "Progress in the World", "World" section including "From the Notes of (European) Union agitator", "Tidings from German", "Fax from Tel Aviv", "Progress of Progress", "Film", "V (5th) Column", "Black Book", "Naive Cynic", "Corner of Real Women", "Dad's vademecum", Felietons (Janusz Korwin-Mikke, Staniław Michalkiewicz and "Pro Fide Rege Et Lege" by Adam Wielomski), "Biggest Stupidity of Week" (including "Award of Sour Cucumber"), "Black Horse" (chess), Bridge (by Janusz-Korwin Mikke), "In the (Spider) Net". There are also dedicated articles about United States, France, Canada, Middle East, East Asia and Africa. Magazine have 66 pages and 4 pages of front and back cover (on better paper).

To emphasize conservativeness of this magazine, titles like His Eminence (Jego Eminencja: JEm), Most Honorable (in relation to senators. Wielce Czcigodny: WCz) are used.

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