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The Nakahara Prize is an annual award given by the Japanese Economic Association to Japanese economists under the age of 45 whose work has gained international recognition. The prize was created in 1995, and named after its sponsor Nobuyuki Nakahara. The aim of the prize is honoring and encouraging young (under 45 years) economists to publish internationally well-recognized papers and books. In 2016, Sagiri Kitao became the first woman awarded the prize.


Year Recipients University
1995 Fumio Hayashi University of Tokyo
1996 Kiminori Matsuyama[jp] Northwestern University
1997 Nobuhiro Kiyotaki London School of Economics
1998 Kiyohiko Nishimura[jp] University of Tokyo
1999 Akira Okada[jp] Kyoto University
2000 Kazuya Kamiya University of Tokyo
2001 Charles Horioka Osaka University
2002 Michihiro Kandori University of Tokyo
2003 Hideshi Itoh[jp] Hitotsubashi University
2004 Hitoshi Matsushima[jp] University of Tokyo
2005 Takeo Hoshi[de] University of California, San Diego
2006 Yuichi Kitamura Yale University
2007 Akihiko Matsui University of Tokyo
2008 Atsushi Kajii[jp] Kyoto University
2009 Hideo Konishi Boston College
2010 Takashi Kamihigashi[jp] Kobe University
2011 Atsushi Inoue North Carolina State University
2012 Mototsugu Shintani Vanderbilt University
2013 Katsumi Shimotsu University of Tokyo
2014 Kosuke Aoki University of Tokyo
2015 Keisuke Hirano University of Arizona
2016 Sagiri Kitao Keio University
2017 Hiroyuki Kasahara University of British Columbia

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