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Nakaji Yasui (安井 仲治 Yasui Nakaji?) (December 15, 1903 - March 15, 1942) was one of the most prominent photographers in the first half of the 20th century in Japan.


Yasui was born in Osaka and became a member of the Naniwa Photography Club (浪華写真倶楽部, Naniwa Shashin Kurabu) in 1920s and also became a member of the Tampei Photography Club (丹平写真倶楽部, Tanpei Shashin Kurabu) in 1930.

His photographs cover a wide range from pictorialism to straight photography, including photomontages. He appreciated every type and kind of photographs without any prejudice and tried not to reject any of them even during wartime.


  • Wandering Jew (流氓ユダヤ Robou Judaya?) photographs of Jewish people who fled from the Nazis to Kobe (Japan) in the 1930s — in collaboration with several other photographers in the Tampei Shashin Club, such as Osamu Shiihara, Kaneyoshi Tabuchi and Tōru Kōno
  • Yamane Circus Group (山根曲馬団 Yamane Kyokubadan?) series

Exhibitions in Japan[edit]

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