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Yūtenji, 2007

Nakameguro (中目黒) is a residential district of Meguro, Tokyo. It is popular for its unique boutique cafes and stores, and the area near the Meguro River is a popular hanami (cherry blossom viewing) destination in mid-spring.[1] The district is situated along Yamate Dōri Ave and on the southern region of Komazawa Dōri Ave. Since Nakameguro Station is located not in this district but in northern Kamimeguro, the place name Nakameguro is often used for the larger region encompassing Nakameguro and Kamimeguro as well as a small portion of Aobadai and Higashiyama.

Yūtenji, built in 1718, is a temple of the Pure Land Buddhism located on the easternmost part of Nakameguro. Note that Yūtenji is also the name of a district adjacent to Nakameguro in Meguro, but it is not the Yūtenji district that is home to the temple.


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