Naked Attraction

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Naked Attraction
Series title over images of naked bodies
GenreDating game show
Presented byAnna Richardson
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original languageEnglish
No. of series11
Production locationsThe London Studios (2016)
dock10 studios (2017–)[1]
Running time60 minutes (incl. adverts)
Production companyStudio Lambert
Original release
NetworkChannel 4
Release25 July 2016 (2016-07-25) –

Naked Attraction is a British television dating game show produced by Studio Lambert and broadcast on Channel 4. Hosted by Anna Richardson, the show premiered on 25 July 2016[2] and has aired seven seasons. The series premise involves a clothed single person presented with a gallery of six nude potential partners, who are hidden behind differently colored booths that concurrently reveal themselves from the bottom up.

A special series titled Naughtiest Bits aired from 18 May 2021 to 15 June 2021, and a special titled "All Out & Proud" aired on 23 June 2022. During its run, Naked Attraction has been the subject of numerous complaints to Ofcom for its full-frontal nudity, but Ofcom declined to perform an investigation due to the lack of sexual activity and the series' timeslot.


A clothed person is faced with six naked people who are initially hidden in booths. Their bodies and faces are gradually revealed through successive rounds, from the feet up. At each round, the chooser eliminates one naked person until only two are left, when the chooser also takes off their clothes to make the final choice.[3] The chooser then decides which person they wish to go out with, and the two (or, occasionally, three) then go for a fully clothed date.


One contestant reported that each episode can take up to twelve hours to film, although the contestant choosing a date only has to disrobe for fifteen minutes. The resultant date takes place at 9 a.m. the next day. The picker has to have someone with them at all times to make sure they do not accidentally bump into one of the contestants, and if one of the contestants needs a toilet break, they must be escorted out by a member of staff so the picker does not see them leave their coloured booth.[4]

Contestants do not receive payment for participating, but standby contestants are given £75 for being in the room.[5][6]


Numerous complaints about the programme were made by viewers to the broadcasting watchdog Ofcom due to the full-frontal nudity that is featured in the programme. Ofcom chose not to investigate as there was nothing that breached their rules: the show was purely a dating show and did not contain any sexual activity, and was shown after the watershed.[7] It caused controversy when released in the United States.[8][9][10]


Regular series[edit]

Series Start date End date Episodes
1 25 July 2016 22 August 2016 5[11]
2 29 June 2017 8 September 2017 10[11]
3 24 August 2018 29 November 2018 10[11]
4 21 August 2019 6 February 2020 10[11]
5 10 November 2020 11 May 2021 10[11]
6 2 March 2022 29 September 2022 8[11]
7 12 April 2023 24 May 2023 6[11]
8 6 March 2024 TBA

Naughtiest Bits[edit]

Series Start date End date Episodes
1 18 May 2021 15 June 2021 5[11]


Date Entitle
23 June 2022 All Out & Proud

International versions[edit]

The TV format was exported to Germany, Denmark, Italy, Finland, Norway, Poland, and Sweden which have made their own versions of the show.[citation needed] Russia had plans for a similar show, but it never reached production.[12] The Netherlands had a similar show, called Undress for love, which has changes in format, but the premise is similar. It ran for six episodes in 2018.[citation needed] In the United States it was released on HBO Max.[13]

Country Name Channel Premiere Presenter
Germany Naked Attraction – Dating hautnah RTL II 8 May 2017 Milka Loff Fernandes
Denmark Date mig nøgen TV 2 10 February 2019 Ibi Makienok
Finland Naked Attraction Suomi Dplay+ 4 December 2020 Marja Kihlström
Italy Naked Attraction Italia Discovery+, NOVE, Real Time 7 February 2021 Nina Palmieri
Norway Naked Attraction Norge Discovery+, TVNorge 22 April 2021 Tuva Fellman
Poland Magia nagości. Polska Player, Zoom TV 3 September 2021[14] Beata Olga Kowalska
Sweden Naked Attraction Sverige Discovery+, Kanal 5 7 June 2022 Sofia Wistam
Netherlands Undress for Love RTL XL 2018[15] Lieke van Lexmond
Spain Naked Attraction Max 2024 Marta Flich

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