Naked Massacre

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Naked Massacre
Directed by Denis Héroux
Produced by Peter Fink (producer)
Georg M. Reuther (producer)
Written by Fred Denger (writer)
Denis Héroux (writer)
Géza von Radványi (screenplay)
Géza von Radványi (story)
Clement Woods (writer)
Starring See below
Music by Voggenreiter Verlag
Cinematography Heinz Hölscher
Edited by Yves Langlois
Running time
92 minutes
Country West Germany, Canada, France, Italy
Language English

Naked Massacre is a 1976 West German / Canadian / French / Italian film directed by Denis Héroux.

Plot summary[edit]

Naked Massacre roughly tells the story of mass murderer Richard Speck, set in Northern Ireland.


DVD release[edit]

In 2007, Apprehensive Films released Naked Massacre onto DVD.[1]


Horror author Brandon Halsey wrote:[2]

"Evident by the lurid, nonsensical title that was most likely slapped on the final print by seedy exhibitors and greedy theater owners, Naked Massacre aims for the profound but falls victim to the basest genre trappings."


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