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Naked Pumpkin Run 2010

The Naked Pumpkin Run is an annual event in the United States where participants run a course through a town whilst nude save for shoes and a carved pumpkin on their heads.[1] Runs are held in Boulder, Colorado; Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; and Arcata, California.[2]


The event can be traced to 1974 when hundreds of University of Colorado at Boulder students ran across the campus in the nude in a failed attempt to set a Guinness World Record.[1]

Starting in 2001, dozens of people have taken part in a Halloween run through Boulder's streets wearing only shoes and a hollowed-out pumpkin on their heads.

In 2008, 150 people ran naked for the 10th official annual Naked Pumpkin Run.[2] In 2009, local police threatened participants with charges of indecent exposure and registration as a sex offender if they were arrested during the run.[1][2]

Boulder also hosts an annual clothing-optional bike ride that protests the use of fossil fuels.[1]

Runners in Hamilton, Ontario Canada had their first Naked Pumpkin run on October 30, 2015. Ten runners participated in the inaugural event, without arrest or incident.

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