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Naked and Funny
Genre Sketch-Comedy/Hidden Camera
Created by Yuri Volodarsky & Alex Tarasul
Directed by Victor Yavnik
Original language(s) non-dialogue
No. of seasons 10
No. of episodes 325
Location(s) Ukraine
Running time 30 minutes per episode
Original network LNK Lithuania
Original release 2006 – present
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Naked and Funny (in Russian: Голые и смешные) is a non-dialogue sketch-comedy/hidden camera reality television series. This wildly successful show was created by the writers of the sketch-comedy hit The Gentlemen Show which was successfully broadcast on the two Russian TV channels RTR Ch. 2 (1991-1996) followed by ORT Ch. 1 (1997-2001) and back to Channel Russia (ex-RTR) (2002-2003) for a total of over 12 years. The Naked & Funny series contains 325 episodes (over 3000 original gags) with duration of 30 min each.


The first season of 24 episodes of Naked & Funny was produced in 2005. The Series premiered on LNK, a commercial TV channel in Lithuania with a tremendous share of up to 47%. The show was then immediately commissioned by Viasat for its Russian TV channel, DTV. This tiny national channel hardly maintained an average 0.7-0.8% share at the time, but Naked & Funny brought ratings up to a 6% share in a slot from 11p-12a, which was nearly ten times higher than the average share of the channel.

At the same time the series was picked up by 1+1 Ukraine but after a few months, another Ukrainian National broadcaster commissioned all seasons to get the exclusive rights to the show for Ukraine. Following the success in Ukraine and other former USSR markets, the series was commissioned by many international broadcasters including Comedy Central in South Africa, The Netherlands and Germany, Paramount Comedy in the UK, Basque TV in Spain, etc.

The series uses a hidden camera format, playing harmless but very amusing pranks on unsuspecting subjects while hidden cameras capture their responses. Each episode presents an average of about 10 pranks. What sets this program apart from other hidden camera shows, however, is that it has an erotic element infused into each gag. Thus the name, "Naked and Funny" as well as the series’ logline: "The hidden camera series with an erotic twist." For example, a waitress in a restaurant comes to take an unsuspecting client's order and comes back with his food wearing nothing but lingerie. In the same show, an unsuspecting young lady is pulled over by a cop who gets out of his car and starts stripping for her. All segments are filmed without any dialogue; the audio has sound effects, a laugh track, and music specially composed by Edward Tsyselsky and Sergei Shustov for the series’ producer, AFL Productions. All gags are filmed in Odessa, Ukraine.

With its dialogue-free format, universal humor and outstanding sex appeal – and no translation required – Naked & Funny has been a huge hit on national, cable, satellite and paid television channels in over 40 countries throughout the world.

In April 2014, Naked & Funny gags were uploaded to YouTube. Along with user-generated gags, there were quickly over 60,000 videos on the YouTube platform, which had generated over 2 billion views by mid-2014. Based on these and other Naked & Funny assets, AFL Productions created a group of official YouTube channels, including: (Gagsnetwork on YouTube), (Naked&Funny on YouTube), and (Crazy TV Pranks on YouTube).

In December 2015, Naked & Funny became the main content on – a new online On-Demand service created by AFL Productions.


At the beginning of each prank, the pranksters show what is about to happen to each unsuspecting "victim." Here are some examples of the over 3,000 pranks which make up the 325 episodes:

  • Erotic Strength-O-Meter: the very sexy female worker at the Strength-O-Meter wears a very revealing t-shirt with noticeable cleavage and right when the patron hits the lever with the mallet, the female worker's t-shirt flies off, revealing her naked breasts!
  • Nudes in the Closet: a man checks in to a hotel. Upon entering his room and unpacking his belongings, he notices naked people coming out of his closet.
  • Sex As Seen Through A Window: business people are working in an office while watching a couple through a window making love.
  • "Brassiere-Opener": a man at the beach asks a woman at a kiosk to open his beer. Unfortunately, she can’t find one anywhere and decides to open his beer bottle with her bra clasp.
  • "Instantaneous-Change": two twin girls decide to prank a guy who is trying on a pair of pants. One of the girls is already wearing lingerie and is hiding in the fitting room. The second girl asks the guy who wants to enter the fitting room if she can go first because it’ll be an "Instantaneous Change!" He agrees and is shocked when she comes out within one second in lingerie.

At the end of each prank, it is revealed to the unsuspecting person(s) that they are being pranked and filmed by hidden camera(s)!

Interesting facts[edit]

  • Naked & Funny was the #1 series on Comedy Central Netherlands and South Africa outperforming numerous famous US sitcoms and sketch shows.
  • Naked & Funny series usually tripled, sometimes quadrupled the share of the host channel's average. Examples include: DTV Russia, TV Puls Poland, etc.
  • Naked & Funny series contains the highest quality and the highest quantity of episodes (325) of all hidden camera series in the world.
  • During the production of the series roughly 50,000 "victims" were pranked by Naked & Funny actors and actresses.
  • During the entire time that Naked & Funny has been in production, there have only been two instances of indecent/accidental behavior: one time when a victim touched the pranking girl's breast and another time when a victim kissed a pranking girl's butt.
  • International YouTubers/Pranksters learned a great deal from "Naked & Funny" about creating "viral videos" and started producing their own pranks, giving these young video producers a chance to build viewership on a number of YouTube channels.
  • On two separate occasions, efforts were made to steal the concept and technology of "Naked & Funny" by local producers but both times their shows flopped and were taken off the air because of poor production quality, inferior on camera talent, and copyright issues.
  • There was always a question as to whether Naked&Funny gags are real or staged. Producers of the series always respond as follows: "If you like our comedy gags and our beautiful set-up girls, don’t waste time guessing if our gags are real or not. Come to Odessa to our set, you will become a "victim" in one of the gags. Then you will make your final verdict. But now, enjoy the show! Watch "Naked&Funny!"
  • Worldwide audiences have called "Naked and Funny": "Candid Camera" meets "The Benny Hill Show"


# Country Channel
1  South Africa Comedy Central
2  Italy E-Channel
3  Spain Basque TV
4  Spain ETB-EuskaiTelebista
5  USA InDemand
6  USA YouTube
7  Korea Joongang Broadcasting Corp and T-Cast
8  Korea CJ Media and Kenny & Co, Ent
9  Korea TVRoad Fox
10  Netherlands Comedy Central
11  Germany Comedy Central, MTV
12  Germany Sport1
13  UK Paramount Comedy
14  Ukraine ICTV and NTN
15  Russia Pepper TV and REN TV
16  Lithuania LNK
17  Canada TQS
18  Poland TV Puls/TV Puls2
19  Australia E- Channel
20  Estonia TV2
21  Moldova Jurnal TV
22  Brazil Globosat
23  Finland Nelonen
24  Chile Channel 13
25  Norway TV2
26  Perú Panamericana TV
27  Serbia Tramiso Marketing Solution
28  Hungary Visat
29  Taiwan Venevision International Art Star Enterprises
30  Yugoslavia Nira
31  Bulgaria BTV
32 Latin America Teleamazonas

Chronology of releases in Russia[edit]

  • DTV – 2006-2008
  • REN TV —2008-2009
  • Pepper TV — 2010-2015
  • Che TV — starting from 2015

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