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Nakheel Harbour and Tower was a multibillion dollar real estate project planned in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was being built by the developer Nakheel, who once declared that the finished development will be the new, unofficial capital of Dubai. When completed, the project was expected to contain the world's tallest structure, the Nakheel Tower, and the world's largest inner city marina. The site was to cover approximately 270 hectares. The development and masterplan of the project are based on Islamic principles of design. The project was cancelled due to the Late-2000s financial crisis.

Plans for the tower indicated that it would have been more than 1 kilometer high, with one report stating a height of 1,400 meters (4,593 ft). However, Nakheel never disclosed the structure's final height. According to Nakheel, it was to have more than 200 floors and about 150 elevators. In height, it would have far surpassed the Burj Khalifa.

Another 40 smaller towers were to stand in the area surrounding the main tower. The development would have also include promenades, part of the Arabian Canal, pedestrian bridges, and several forms of easily accessible public transportation. Over 50,000 people were expected to live in the development if it were completed.

However, in January 2009, because of the Late-2000s financial crisis, the tower was put on hold, and was cancelled 18 months later.[1]

A station on the Dubai Metro's Red Line is named after Nakheel Harbor and Tower.

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