Nakhon Champassak Province

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Nakhon Champassak
Province of Thailand



Flag of Nakhon Champassak Province

Location of Nakhon Champassak Province
Nakhon Champassak Province in green
Capital Champasak
 •  Franco-Thai War May 9, 1941 1941
 •  Thailand returns annexed territories to French Indochina 1946
Today part of  Cambodia

Nakhon Champassak Province (also spelled Nakorn Champassak; Thai: นครจัมปาศักดิ์; RTGSNakhon Champasak) was a former province in Thailand established in 1941 following the annexation of territories of French Indochina. It was dissolved in 1946.


Nakhon Champassak was one of the provinces created as a result of the Franco-Thai War when Vichy France agreed to cede Meluprey and Thala Barivat province from Cambodia and the cis-Mekong part of Champassak Province from Laos to Thailand.[1] The two sections were merged to form Nakhon Champassak Province.

After World War II ended with the victory of the Allies, the post-war administration in France threatened to block Axis-aligned Thailand's admission into the newly formed UN. Finally in 1946 this province was dissolved and returned to France.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Nakhon Champassak was divided into five districts (amphoe) and a minor district (king amphoe). The list below are the districts of the province. The one in italics is a minor district.

Name Thai
1 Mueang Nakhon Champassak เมืองนครจัมปาศักดิ์
2 Wanwaithayakon วรรณไวทยากร
3 Tharatboriwat ธาราบริวัตร
4 Manophrai มะโนไพร
5 Chom Krasan จอมกระสานต์
6 Phon Thong โพนทอง

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