Naldurg Fort

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Naldurg Fort
Naldurg, tuljapur taluka Osmanabad district, Maharashtra
Main Entrance, Naldurg fort.jpg
Main entrance of the Naldurg Fort
Naldurg Fort is located in Maharashtra
Naldurg Fort
Naldurg Fort
Naldurg Fort in Maharashtra
Coordinates 17°49′N 76°18′E / 17.82°N 76.3°E / 17.82; 76.3
Site information
Owner India Government of India
Open to
the public

Naldurg Fort is a historic fort in Naldurg town of Osmanabad district in Maharashtra state of India.[1] Naldurg fort is named after Nalraja who built the fort in medieval architectural style. The unique feature of the fort is that it encloses a knoll of basalt rock which juts out into the valley of the small Bori River and with a long fortification wall with many bastions.[2][3][4]


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