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Nalin Jayawardena
Birth name Nalin Jayawardena
Born (1957-04-18) 18 April 1957 (age 60)
Origin Sri Lanka
Genres Sri Lankan music
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter
Years active 2000–present

Nalin Jayawardena (Sinhala : නලින් ජයවර්ධන) (born 18 April 1957) is a popular Sri Lankan singer and vocalist. He was the first Sri Lankan singer to release an internet based audio album in Sinhala allowing his fans from around the world to download the album free of charge.[1] This album titled Kanda Paamule was released in 2004.[2] Nalin Jayawardena lives in Perth, Australia.[3]

He has released more than 10 CDs including several tribute CDs for the legendary singer HR Jothipala . Nalin Jayawardena has sung over 250 original songs. These songs were composed in collaboration with talented sinhala lyric writers such as Dr Vicumpriya Perera who wrote most of Nalin's songs, Sunil Govinnage, Sriya Kumarasingha and Chrishanthi de fonseka . Musical composition for Nalin's songs were done by popular Sri Lankan musicians including Nimal Mendis , Rohan Jayawardena, Sangeeth Wickramasingha, Ananda Widyasekara and Rukshan Karunanayaka .[4] Nalin is one of the early Sri Lankan artists to release his songs in Google Play,[5] iTunes, and Amazon.

He has also collaborated in the making of the first-ever Dhammapada Stanzas CD packs with Ven Beruwela Siri Sobitha and Dr Gill Fronsdal. He also collaborated in making the charity CD/DVD in the aid of the tsunami victims in Sri Lanka.[6] He also collaborated with Vicumpriya Perera and Bhadraji Mahinda Jayatilaka to produce the first-ever sinhala audio fiction book Kulageyin Kulageyata spanning into five compact discs. This audio book is a production of Lanka Heritage and Sarasavi Publishers, Sri Lanka.

Life and career[edit]

Early life[edit]

Born in Batticaola, in eastern Sri Lanka as the eldest son of Mr Chandra and Mrs MaryAnn Jayawardena, and did his primary studies at Prince of Wales college Moratuwa and at Bandaranayaka college in Gampaha [WP]

He has written several of his own songs and began his music career at a later stage of his life. He in musically talented in the sense that he has the ability to vocalise in a variety of styles and genre ranging from semi-classical to popular western. He has produced over 11 Sinhala audio CD's and several DVD's to entertain his fans.[4]

He is married to Renuka Jayawardena [nee Ranasingha] from Galahitiyawa, Ganemulla, Sri Lanka, a medical scientist by profession, and has two daughters. He resides in Perth, Australia.[6]

Recent events[edit]

Nalin Jayawardena is currently employed as a building service professional in Australia. He recently released several Sinhala audio compact discs including "Duru Ratawala Api (2011),"[7] two albums titled "Pilak Wage (2013)" and "Pini Wessa Wage (2013)" created via collaboration with Facebook friends,[8] and "Mal Renuwak (2013)."[9][10][11]

Notable songs[edit]

  • Sansara Suwanda – Nalin Jayawardena and Amila Nadeeshani, Music and Melody – Ananda Waidyasekara, Lyrics – Eranga C. Palathiratne.[12]
  • Duru Ratawala Api – Nalin Jayawardena and Nilupuli Dilhara, Music and Melody – Ananda Waidyasekara, Lyrics – Krishanthi de Fonseka.[13]
  • Maalavika – Nalin Jayawardena, Music and Melody – Rohan Jayawardena, Lyrics – Vicumpriya Perera.[14]
  • Paata Paata Samanaliyan – Nalin Jayawardena, Music and Melody – Rukshan Karunanayake backed by Chimes of The 70's, Lyrics – Rukshan Karunanayake.[15]
  • Tsunami – Nalin Jayawardena, Melody and English words – Nimal Mendis, Music – Rohan Jayawardena, Sinhala Lyrics – Vicumpriya Perera.[16]
  • Midula Puraa – Nalin Jayawardena and Sanduni Rashmika, Music and Melody – Ananda Waidyasekara, Lyrics – Vicumpriya Perera.[17]

List of Audio CDs[edit]

  • Kanda Paamule (2004)[18]
  • Anusmarana Upahara – H R Jothipala Tribute (2004)
  • Tsunami Audio CD (2005)[19]
  • Cold Cold Night – Xmas Single (2005)
  • Paata Paata Heenayak (2008)[20]
  • Upahaara Sihiwatana (2009)[21][22]
  • Weli Aetayak – Vicumpriya Perera Lyrics 02 (2009)[23]
  • Athithawarjanaa – H. R. Jothipala Upahara Gee Pelahara (2010)
  • Perth Gamata Paayayi Sandha (2010)
  • Paata Paata Samanalayin (2010)[21]
  • Oba Soya Ennam (H. R. Jothipala Tribute – Free CD Release)
  • Duru Ratawala Api (2011)[4][7]
  • Pilak Wage (2013)[24]
  • Pini Wessa Wage (2013)[24]
  • Mal Renuwak (2013)[9][25]


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