Nalongo and Nupani

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Nalongo and Nupani
NASA picture of Nalongo and Nupani Atoll
Nalongo and Nupani is located in Solomon Islands
Nalongo and Nupani
Nalongo and Nupani
Location Pacific Ocean
Coordinates 10°04′14″S 165°43′37″E / 10.0706°S 165.7269°E / -10.0706; 165.7269Coordinates: 10°04′14″S 165°43′37″E / 10.0706°S 165.7269°E / -10.0706; 165.7269
Archipelago Solomon Islands
Area 0.7 km2 (0.27 sq mi)
Highest elevation 61 m (200 ft)
Solomon Islands
Population 100 (2009)

Nalongo and Nupani is a small atoll in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean. It has a coral reef totally encircling a lagoon.

Nupani Island, also called Nimba, is inhabited, while Nalongo has no permanent habitation.

Administratively this atoll belongs to the Temotu Province of the Solomon Islands.

The Nalongo and Nupani Atoll is located about 65 km to the West of the main group of the Reef Islands.