Naluo language

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Qiao-Wu Yi
Native to China
Ethnicity Yi
Native speakers
15,000 (2007)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 ylo
Glottolog nalu1239[2]

Naluo (Laluo, Naruo, 纳罗; also Alu, Gani) is a poorly attested Loloish language spoken by the Yi people of Yunnan in China. It was originally from Kunming,the capital of Yunnan in 13th century.[3] In Chinese it is known as Qiao-Wu Yi (Qiaojia-Wuding Yi); it is spoken in Qiaojia, Wuding, Luquan, Dongchuan, and Yuanmou counties, small numbers in Huize County, and parts of Qujing Prefecture.


According to David Bradley (2004),[4] Naluo (Naruo, Laluo, Naru, Shuitian 水田, Shui Yi 水彝 (used in Yunnan)) is spoken by about 15,000 people mostly in eastern Yongsheng County and southern Huaping County, Yunnan, as well as in Pingjiang 平江 and Futian 福田镇 townships, western Panzhihua City, Sichuan. Naluo is moribund or extinct in Sichuan, and endangered in Yunnan.

You (2013:85)[5] reports that the na21 zu21[6] (Naruo 纳儒) language is spoken by the following Yi subgroups.

  • Zhili 支里 (autonym: Naruo 纳儒): Nanhua Township, District 1, Yongsheng County 永胜县一区南华乡
  • Luo 倮族 (autonym: Naruo 纳儒): Zhongcheng Township, District 4, Yongsheng County 永胜县四区忠诚乡
  • Zi Yi 子彝 (autonym: Naruo 纳儒): Xilang Township, District 3, Yongsheng County 永胜县三区习朗乡

Zhu & Zhang (2005)[7] reports that the Shuitian people (水田人) reside mostly in the lowlands of the Anning River drainage basin, in Xichang, Xide, and Mianning counties of Liangshan Prefecture in Sichuan. They are called mu33 hi44 su33 by the neighboring Yi highland people. Shuitian is spoken in the following locations. Shuitian belongs to the Shengzha dialect (圣乍次土语) of Northern Yi.

  • Mianning County: Jionglong 迥龙, Lugu 泸沽, Hebian 河边; Manshuiwan 漫水湾[8]
  • Xichang: Lizhou 礼州, Yuehua 月华
  • Xide County: Mianshan 冕山镇 (including Shitoushan Village 石头山村[8]), Lake 拉克


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