Nalut District

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Nalut (نالوت)
Country  Libya
Capital Nalut
Population 93,224 (2006) [1][2]
Map of Libya with Nalut district highlighted

Nalut (Arabic: نالوت‎‎ Nālūt, Berber: Nalut Lalūt, is one of the districts of Libya. Its capital is the city of Nalut. The second most notable city is Ghadames.

To the north and west, Nalut district borders Tunisia (Medenine and Tataouine Governatorates) and Algeria. Domestically, it borders the following districts:

In 2007, Nalut District was enlarged to include what had been the Ghadames District, while the eastern part of former Nalut was moved to Jabal al Gharbi.

Pre-2007 extent of Nalut District


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Coordinates: 31°50′00″N 11°20′00″E / 31.8333333333°N 11.3333333333°E / 31.8333333333; 11.3333333333