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Revised Romanization Nam
McCune–Reischauer Nam

Nam is a Korean family name meaning "south". The 2000 South Korean census found 257,178 people with this family name, of whom 150,394 belonged to the Uiryeong Nam bon-gwan. According to the same census, the place with the highest frequency of people belonging to that bon-gwan was Eumseong County, North Chungcheong Province, where it accounted for 1,021 people, or 1.21% of the population; this represented a significant drop both in numbers and in proportion from the 1985 census, when it accounted for 1,427 people, or 1.71% of the population.[1]

Korean people with this surname include:

  • Nam Sung-yong (1912–2001), bronze winner of the Marathon at the 1936 Summer Olympics
  • Nam Jung-hyun (born 1933), South Korean author
  • Nam Gi-nam (born 1942), South Korean director of movies, cartoons and TV series
  • Nam Hae-il (born 1948), South Korean naval officer
  • Nam Na-yeong (born 1971), South Korean film editor
  • Leonardo Nam (born 1979), Korean Australian actor
  • Nam Hyun-hee (born 1981), South Korean foil fencer
  • Nam Sang-mi (born 1984), South Korean actress
  • Nam Gyu-ri (born 1985), South Korean female singer
  • Naomi Nari Nam (born 1985), American figure skater
  • Eric Nam (born 1988), Korean American singer
  • Nam Ji-hyun (born 1990), South Korean singer
  • Nam Woo-hyun (born 1991), South Korean singer (member of Kpop boy band INFINITE)
  • Nam Taehyun (born 1994), South Korean singer (member of Kpop boy band WINNER)
  • Nam Ji-hyun (born 1995), South Korean actress

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A number of Korean given names also contain the same character "nam" meaning south, or another identically-pronounced one (男) meaning "man":


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