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This is a Korean name; the family name is Nam.
Nam Gon
Hangul 남곤
Revised Romanization Nam Gon
McCune–Reischauer Nam Kon
Pen name
Hangul 지정, 지족당, 지족
Hanja , ,
Revised Romanization Jijeong, Jijokdang, Jijok
McCune–Reischauer Jijŏng, Jijŏkdang, Jijŏk
Courtesy name
Hangul 사화
Revised Romanization Sahwa
McCune–Reischauer Sahwa
Posthumous name
Hangul 문경
Hanja 文敬
Revised Romanization Mun-gyeong
McCune–Reischauer Mun'gyŏng

Nam Gon (Korean: 남곤, 南袞, 1471 – 10 March 1527) was a Korean politician, poet, Neo-Confucian scholar, thinker, writer and Prime Minister during the Joseon Dynasty. His nicknames were Jijeong (지정, 止亭), Jijokdang (지족당, 知足堂) and Jijok (지족, 知足), while his courtesy name was Sahwa (사화, 士華). He was also a member of Sarim faction.


Nam was a Korean Neo-Confucian scholar of the Youngnam school and teacher of Kim Jong-jik. He was the Joseon Dynasty's Vice Prime Minister until 1520, and then Prime Minister from 1523 to 1527. Nam Gon studied under Neo-Confucian scholar Kim Jong-jik. He was an ideological and political rival of Jo Gwang-jo. Jo studied under his friend Kim Kwaeng-pil.


  • Jijeongjip (지정집, 止亭集)
  • Yujagwangjeon (유자광전, 柳子光傳)
  • Namakchangsurok (남악창수록, 南岳唱酬錄)


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