Nam Gye-u

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Nam Gye-u
Hangul 남계우
Hanja 南啓宇
Revised Romanization Nam Gye-u
McCune–Reischauer Nam Kye-u
Pen name
Hangul 일호
Hanja 一濠
Revised Romanization Ilho
McCune–Reischauer Irho
Courtesy name
Hangul 일소
Hanja 逸少
Revised Romanization Ilso
McCune–Reischauer Ilso

Nam Gye-u (1811–1888) was a painter and a government officer in the late Joseon period. Nam Gyewu was born to a high class and son of Nam Jinhwa who served as Busa. He lived in Namchon, Seoul and had an official career as Dojeong. Nam was especially good at depicting butterflies, so called as Nam Nabi (Butterfly Nam), his nickname. Through his lifetime, Nam Gye-u devoted to drawing pictures of butterflies and flowers.


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