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Nama, or NAMA, is the acronym for Narodni magazin 'national store'. This was a chain of department stores in the former SFRY (Yugoslavia) and the first Slovenian department store. Nama owns three stores in Slovenia today:

In the past, stores also existed in Žalec, Kočevje, Slovenj Gradec, Ravne na Koroškem, and Velenje.

Bata Palace[edit]

The seven-storey original building of the NAMA store in Ljubljana, originally known as "Service Hall" (Dom službe), was completed in 1939 upon plans by the architect Franjo Lušičić. It was built in the modern style by the construction company owned by Josip Dedek. In 1965, a new building, work by the architects Bogdan Fink and Miloš Lapajne, was added to it at its southern side. In 2002, at the restoration, its facade was redesigned in glass, despite the opposition of the original authors.[1]


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