Namakura Gatana

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Namakura Gatana
Anime film
Released 1917
Runtime 4 minutes[1]
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Toy filmstrip of Namakura Gatana (なまくら刀), originally Hanawa Hekonai meitō no maki (塙凹内名刀之巻, 1917), a formerly lost film by Japanese animator Jun'ichi Kōuchi

Namakura Gatana (なまくら刀) or Hanawa Hekonai meitō no maki (塙凹内名刀之巻) is a short Japanese animated film produced by Jun'ichi Kōuchi in 1917. It was found in an antique shop in Osaka in March 2008.[2] This film is a 4-minute silent short that tells a history about a samurai's foolish purchase of a dull-edged sword. It was released on June 30, 1917.


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