Nambiar (Nair subcaste)

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Regions with significant populations
Mostly in North Malabar.

The Nambiār, also known as Nambiyār, is an Indian caste who were historically the most powerful landlord clans/warrior clans in the North Malabar region of Kerala.[1] The Nambiars are in many ways similar to Nair, due to different ethnic origin. In a broader sense, term "Nambiar" is used to cover all those Samanthan Nair clans of North Malabar.[2][page needed]

Position in society[edit]

Until the early 20th century, Nambiars in north Malabar held a prejudice that they were superior to their counterparts in South Malabar. In earlier days, Nambiar women, like most women of Nair clans of north Malabar, would not marry Nair men of South Malabar, nor Nair men from central and south Kerala.[3][4][page needed]

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