Namcha Barwa Himal

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Namcha Barwa Himal
Yarlung Tsangpo river tibet.jpg
Satellite view of Namcha Barwa Himal surrounded by Great Bend of the Yarlung Tsangpo, then other ranges
Countries China
   Tibet Autonomous Region
      Nyingchi Prefecture
         Mêdog County,

   Arunachal Pradesh
      Dibang Valley district
River Yarlung Tsangpo/Dihong/Brahmaputra
Highest point Namcha Barwa or Namjagbarwa Feng[1]
 - elevation 7,782 m (25,531 ft)
 - coordinates 29°37′57″N 95°03′15″E / 29.63250°N 95.05417°E / 29.63250; 95.05417
Length 180 km (112 mi), NE
Width 60 km (37 mi), SE
Area 10,800 km2 (4,170 sq mi)

Namcha Barwa Himal, also known as Namjagbarwa syntaxis or Namjagbarwa Group Complex, is the easternmost section[2] of the Himalaya in southeastern Tibet and northeastern India. This section spans 180 km from the headwaters of the Siyom River on the international border NE into Tibet to the canyon of the Yarlung Tsangpo (the Brahmaputra in India), where the Himalaya are said to end, although high ranges actually continue another 300 km east. Major peaks of this section include:

  • Namche Barwa, 7,782 m
  • Nai Peng, 7,043 m at 29°37'12"N, 95°03'00"E, first climbed 1984[3]
  • Sentang Bu, 6,812 m at 29°49'48"N, 95°00'36"E, unclimbed
  • Gyala Peri, 7,294 m, stands about 22 km NNW of Namche Barwa, across the Yarlung Tsangpo but often included in the Namche Barwa section because of proximity.


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