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The Namco Pole Position was an arcade system board, which was first used by Namco in 1982 for the Pole Position arcade games; it was one of the first system boards to utilize stereo and quadraphonic sound, and used NVRAM to save its high scores after a machine was turned off. It was also the first arcade system to use 16-bit microprocessors, with two Zilog Z8002 processors.[1][2] It was the most powerful and expensive arcade system upon release, costing $4200[2] ($8.12 thousand in 2017). The hardware is capable of pseudo-3D, sprite-scaling.

Namco Pole Position specifications[edit]



  • RAM (random-access memory)[4]
  • ROM (read-only memory)[4]
    • Z80: 16 KB
    • Z8002: 240 KB


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