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This article is a generic description of Namco's "Pole Position" hardware. For the specific arcade game, see Pole Position.

The Namco Pole Position was an arcade system board, which was first used by Namco in 1982 for the Pole Position arcade games; it was one of the first system boards to utilize stereo and quadraphonic sound, and used NVRAM to save its high scores after a machine was turned off. It was also the first arcade system to use 16-bit microprocessors, with two Zilog Z8002 processors.[1][2] It was the most powerful and expensive arcade system upon release, costing $4200[2] ($8.12 thousand in 2017). The hardware is capable of pseudo-3D, sprite-scaling.

Namco Pole Position specifications[edit]



  • RAM (random-access memory)[4]
  • ROM (read-only memory)[4]
    • Z80: 16 KB
    • Z8002: 240 KB


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