Namdal District Court

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Namdal District Court (Norwegian: Namdal tingrett) is a district court located in the town of Namsos in Nord-Trøndelag county, Norway. It covers the municipalities of Flatanger, Fosnes, Grong, Høylandet, Leka, Lierne, Namsos, Namsskogan, Nærøy, Overhalla, Røyrvik, and Vikna. It is subordinate to the Frostating Court of Appeal.

The cases brought to this court include criminal or civil cases. Other types of cases brought before this court include: probate cases, estate settlements (joint property, bankruptcy, etc.), partnership registrations, and notarial transactions. The judicial staff consists of one chief judge, one appointed professional judge, and one deputy judge. The chief judge is the president of the district court. He administrates the staff and appoints deputy judges for a period of up to three years. The judges divide their time approximately equally between criminal cases and civil cases.[1]


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