Namdang Stone Bridge

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Namdang Stone Bridge
নামদাং শিলৰ সাকো
Namdang stone bridge.JPG
Coordinates 26°56′00″N 94°32′00″E / 26.9333333°N 94.5333333°E / 26.9333333; 94.5333333Coordinates: 26°56′00″N 94°32′00″E / 26.9333333°N 94.5333333°E / 26.9333333; 94.5333333
Crosses Namdang River
Locale Sibsagar, Assam
Maintained by Govt of Assam
Design Arch bridge
Material Stone
Total length 60 m
Width 6.5 m
Height 1.7 m
Construction end 1703

The Namdang Stone Bridge (Assamese: নামদাং শিলৰ সাকো) is historic bridge located a few kilometers away from Sibsagar town in Assam, India. It was constructed in 1703 by craftmen brought from Bengal during the reign of Ahom king Rudra Singha. The bridge is 60 m (200 ft) long, 6.5 m (21 ft) wide and 1.7 m (5.6 ft) high. It runs over the Namdang river, a tributary of the Dikhou river. The present National Highway 37 is passing over it. The unique characteristic of the bridge is that it was cut out from a single solid piece of rock hundred years of age.

The bridge is a little carved in shape. During the time of Ahom kings cement was not in use for construction. A paste of Bora (sticky)rice, duck eggs, black lentils and lime was used to make the bridge. The bridge connects Sibsagar town to Jorhat and other districts in the west.[1][2]

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