Name That Video

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Name That Video
GenreGame show
Based onName That Tune
Presented byKaryn Bryant
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes90
Producer(s)Ted Kenney
Running time30 Minutes
Production company(s)Sandy Frank Entertainment
Broadway Video
Original networkVH1
Original releaseMarch 12 –
July 13, 2001

Name That Video is a game show based on the music game show Name That Tune. The show incorporated music videos into the game rather than music only. The show was hosted by Karyn Bryant and aired on VH1 from March 12, 2001 to July 13, 2001. Ted Kenney was the producer.


Round 1[edit]

Three contestants competed against each other to name music videos, identify songs or decipher lyrics. Three categories were presented accompanied by a specific music artist or group. Depending upon the category, contestants were required to either sing the next lyric or repeat a lyric just performed by the artist after being shown a music video. Other times, lyrics were presented without the accompanying music video, and the contestants were required to identify the song from the lyrics.

Correct answers added 100 points to that contestant's score, and wrong answers deducted 100 points. New artists replaced those chosen after each question. One question was designated as a "Mystery Artist" question worth 200 points up or down, and the contestant must also identify the artist. When all of the artists in a specific category had been exhausted, that category was taken out of play. The player with the lowest score at the end of the round (indicated by the sound of a vibraslap) was eliminated from the game, and the two remaining players move on to the next round.

Round 2 (Bid-A-Vid)[edit]

The two remaining contestants were presented with seven categories, each of which included a clue to the music video associated with that category. The leader at the end of the first round selected a category and made an opening bid, with a maximum bid of seven seconds. Contestants bid back and forth lowering their bids until one contestant challenged the other. The music video was played and correctly naming the song title earned one point. If the contestant failed to identify the song, their opponent scored a point.

The first player to reach three points won the round and moved on to the bonus round. However, a contestant had to earn the third point by correctly naming a song title (either on their own or after their opponent had failed to identify the same song); a contestant could not win the game by default. In that instance, the contestant got to see the maximum seven seconds of the video before making a guess.

Bonus Round[edit]

In the bonus round, the winning contestant was given 60 seconds to name the song title and artist of ten music videos. Contestants could pass and return to videos if time permitted, and contestants were not penalized for incorrectly identifying either the song or the artist.

Each correct answer earned the contestant $500, and naming all ten won the contestant a Toyota 4Runner and VH1's 100 Greatest Rock Albums CD collection.