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Namecoin logo.svg
Ticker symbolNMC
 ​11000mNMC (Milli Namecoin)
 ​11000000µNMC (Micro Namecoin)
Initial release18 April 2011
Latest release0.17.0 / 7 October 2018
Code repository
Forked fromBitcoin
Timestamping schemeProof-of-Work
Hash functionSHA-256
Block time10 mins
Block explorer
Exchange rateUS$0.79 (as of 08 January 2019)
Market capUS$11.7 million (as of 08 January 2019)

Namecoin (Symbol: or NMC) is a cryptocurrency that aims to provide a decentralized DNS.[1] Namecoin implements the top level domain .bit, which is independent of ICANN.

Other proposed use cases of Namecoin include notary/timestamp systems.[2]

Namecoin uses the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus system called "Merged mining", a process which reuses partial solutions to PoW problems from a parent cryptocurrency as valid proofs-of-work for a child cryptocurrency.[3]


In 2011, Techcrunch described Namecoin as a fork of the Bitcoin project, which instead uses the P2P network to build a decentralized domain name system that is less vulnerable to downages.[4]

In 2014, Namecoin was mentioned by ICANN in a public draft report as the most well-known example of distributing control and privacy in DNS.[5]

A 2015 study found that of the 120,000 domain names registered on Namecoin, only 28 were in use.[6]


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