Nameless Lake (Manitoulin District)

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Nameless Lake
Country Canada
Province Ontario
Region Northeastern Ontario
District Manitoulin
Municipality Gordon/Barrie Island
Elevation 225 m (738 ft)
Coordinates 45°49′59″N 82°26′17″W / 45.83306°N 82.43806°W / 45.83306; -82.43806Coordinates: 45°49′59″N 82°26′17″W / 45.83306°N 82.43806°W / 45.83306; -82.43806
Primary outflow Endorheic lake
Length 2 km (1 mi)
Width .5 km (0 mi)
Depth 15 m (49 ft)
Location of Nameless Lake in Ontario

Nameless Lake is a small, spring-fed Endorheic lake on Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron approximately 8.5 kilometres (5.3 mi) south of the town of Gore Bay in the municipality of Gordon/Barrie Island, Manitoulin District in Northeastern Ontario, Canada.[1] It is approximately 2 kilometres (1 mi) long and over 15 metres (49 ft) deep in some locations, with no public access.[2] It is notably the only lake on Manitoulin Island that prohibits all gasoline-powered craft.[3]


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