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Namenlos Cover.jpg
Studio album by L'Âme Immortelle
Released January 25, 2008
Recorded 2007
Genre EBM
Gothic rock
Label Trisol Music Group
Producer L'Âme Immortelle
L'Âme Immortelle chronology
Auf deinen Schwingen (2006)String Module Error: Match not foundString Module Error: Match not found Namenlos
Durch fremde Hand
(2008)Durch fremde Hand2008

Namenlos (German for "nameless") is the eighth studio album from Austrian band L'Âme Immortelle.[1]

Track listing[edit]

CD1: Namenlos[2]

No. Title Lyrics Music English title Length
1. "Vergessen" Anonymous Kraushofer Forgotten 1:50
2. "1000 Voices" Rainer Rainer   4:30
3. "Behind the Light" Rainer Rainer/Kraushofer   4:16
4. "Bleib" Rainer Rainer/Kraushofer Stay 3:50
5. "Requiem" Rainer Rainer/Kraushofer   4:27
6. "Lost" (arranged by M. Höfert) Rainer Kraushofer   1:46
7. "Blutrot" Rainer Rainer/Kraushofer Crimson 4:16
8. "Reborn" Rainer Rainer   3:50
9. "Es tut mir leid" Rainer Rainer/Kraushofer I'm Sorry 3:59
10. "Niemals" Rainer Rainer/Kraushofer Never 4:37
11. "Jenseits der Schatten" (arranged by M. Höfert) Rainer Kraushofer Beyond the Shadows 1:41
12. "The Cleansing" Rainer Rainer/Kraushofer   4:08
13. "Namenlos" Graf von Wickenburg Rainer/Kraushofer Nameless 6:11

CD2: Erinnerung

All lyrics written by Thomas Rainer; all music composed by Thomas Rainer and Sonja Kraushofer.

No. Title Note Length
1. "Erneuerung" (Renewal)   1:00
2. "When the Sun has ceased to shine"   3:42
3. "Love is Lost" Performed by Antoni Jones 4:06
4. "When the Sun has ceased to shine" Performed by Spiritual Front 3:32
5. "Es tut mir leid" (I'm Sorry) Performed by Steinkind 4:51
6. "Niemals" (Never) Performed by Sieben 4:36
7. "Requiem" Performed by Whispers in the Shadow 4:23
8. "Erinnerung" (Memory) An Essay by Thomas Sabottka 3:41


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