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There are numerous different names for Iceland, which have over the years appeared in poetry or literature.

In Icelandic[edit]

Many names have been used to refer to Iceland in the Icelandic language. These names include colloquial, formal, and poetic forms:

Icelanders also have several nicknames for themselves, including Frónbúi or Frónverji ("an inhabitant of Frón") and Landi ("fellow countryman").[citation needed]

In Latin[edit]

Iceland has prominently been called by three names in Latin:[citation needed]

  • Islandia—directly from Icelandic language "Ísland"
  • Snelandia—a Latinization of the more poetic name Snæland
  • Insula Gardari—literally meaning "Island of Garðar", compare Garðarshólmi

In Norwegian[edit]

Other foreign languages[edit]


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