Namhae Bridge

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Namhae Bridge
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Coordinates 34°56′39.0″N 127°52′19.4″E / 34.944167°N 127.872056°E / 34.944167; 127.872056Coordinates: 34°56′39.0″N 127°52′19.4″E / 34.944167°N 127.872056°E / 34.944167; 127.872056
Locale Hadong Noryang and Namhae Noryang in South Korea
Design suspension bridge
Total length 660 metres (2,170 ft)[1]
Width 9.6 metres (31 ft)[1]
Height 80 metres (260 ft)[1]
Longest span 404 metres (1,325 ft)[2]
Construction end 1973[2]
Namhae Bridge is located in South Korea
Namhae Bridge
Namhae Bridge
Location in South Korea

The Namhae Bridge is a suspension bridge that connects Hadong Noryang and Namhae Noryang, South Korea. The bridge, completed in 1973 has a total length of 660 meters. The bridge has a real-time monitoring system installed to monitor its performance.[3]

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