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21st Tirthankara
Naminatha statue at Chandragiri Vatika
Venerated in Jainism
Predecessor Munisuvrata
Successor Neminatha
Symbol Blue Water-Lily Or Blue Lotus
Height 15 bows (45 metres)[1]
Color Golden
Personal Information
Born Mithila
Moksha Shikharji
  • Vijaya (father)
  • Vapra (Vipra) (mother)

Naminatha was the twenty-first tirthankara of the present half time cycle, Avsarpini. He was born to the King Vijaya and Queen Vipra of the Ikshvaku dynasty. King Vijaya was the ruler of Mithila at that time.[2] When Naminatha was in his mother's womb, Mihila was attacked by a group of powerful kings. The aura of Naminatha forced all the kings to surrender to King Vijaya.[3] Naminatha was born on the 8th day of Shravan Krishna of the lunisolar Jain calendar. He attained Kevala Jnana under a Bakula tree. He had 17 Ganadhara, Suprabha being the leader.[4] According to Jain tradition, he liberated his soul by destroying all of his karma and attained Moksha from Sammed Shikhar nearly 50,000 years before Neminatha.[5]

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