Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation

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Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation
Directed by Charles Burnett
Produced by Namibian Film Commission, Pan Afrikan Center of Namibia
Screenplay by Charles Burnett
Starring Carl Lumbly, Danny Glover, Chrisjan Appollus, Lazarus Jacobs
Music by Stephen James Taylor
Cinematography John Njaga Demps
Edited by Edwin Santiago
Release date
Running time
161 min
Country Namibia
United States
Language English, Afrikaans, Oshiwambo, Otjiherero, German

Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation is a 2007 epic film on the Namibian independence struggle against South African occupation as seen through the life of Sam Nujoma, the leader of the South West Africa People's Organisation and the first president of the Republic of Namibia. The film was written and directed by Charles Burnett, the African American filmmaker, and stars Carl Lumbly and Danny Glover.[1] The production was financed by the government of Namibia.[2] Music composed by Stephen James Taylor won the award for Best African Film at the Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival where the film also won for Best Music Score and for Best Director.

The film's dialogue is in English, Afrikaans, Oshiwambo, Otjiherero, and German.[3][4]


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