Namibia Breweries Limited

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Namibia Breweries Limited
Namib Breweries Limited.jpg
Location Windhoek
Coordinates 22°31′25.24″S 17°4′44.20″E / 22.5236778°S 17.0789444°E / -22.5236778; 17.0789444Coordinates: 22°31′25.24″S 17°4′44.20″E / 22.5236778°S 17.0789444°E / -22.5236778; 17.0789444
Opened 1920
Active beers
Name Type
Windhoek Lager Lager
Windhoek Light Light beer
Hansa Pilsener Pilsener
Tafel Lager Lager

Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) is a Namibian brewery founded in 1920 when Carl List and Hermann Ohlthaver acquired four small breweries with financial difficulties. The breweries were merged under the name South West Breweries Limited (SWB). SWB changed its name to Namibia Breweries Limited when Namibia gained independence on March 21, 1990. Ohlthaver & List Group of Companies are still the majority shareholder.


Bottles of Windhoek Lager

Own products:

  • Club Shandy
  • Tafel Lager
  • Tafel Lite
  • Urbock
  • Windhoek Draught
  • Windhoek Lager
  • Windhoek Light
  • McKane: Soda Water, Tonic Water
  • Vigo(malt soft drink): Marula, Wild Orange, Kiwano

Brewed under licence:

  • Amstel Lager[1]
  • Amstel Lite
  • Heineken


  • Guinness
  • Erdinger
  • Foundry Cider
  • Archers Aqua (various flavours)

NBL brew all of their beers according to the Reinheitsgebot (German purity law) from 1516. Other than the four top-selling beers NBL also produces some speciality beers like Urbock - a winter bock beer. Nambrew also distributes other beer brands like Erdinger Weissbeer, Guinness and Kilkenny in the region. The low alcohol (2%), low calorie product Windhoek Light was endorsed by the South African Heart Foundation.[2]


Currently NBL exports 60% of its production to South Africa and 22 other countries world-wide.

Renewable energy[edit]

NBL have invested in a 1.MW Solar Power plant. This is installed on existing roof structures.


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